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Hug me, til you drug me honey. Kiss me, til i'm in a coma.

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I drank way too much coffee and black tee today 8D~
all because I couldn't sleep and was running around all day

in the evening I met my friend at starbucks and besides us there were 5 ther people with their macbooks as well haha
looked like an apple store without white&glass all over...

the reason we met up there (besides new york cheesecake) was that we decided to stard a blog together - as another connecting link between us while she is in Hamburg the next 12 months

it's still pretty empty and has no layout but we'll work on it!!

(if any of you is a blogspot layout expert or knows a site with layouts please let me know!
I'm looking for a simple but chic layout since a lot of photos will be posted, if my font could be dark grey and my links light pink it would be awesome haha)

so please visit:


it's so quiet here!!

I've neglected my livejournal this year...

I was in London with a friend until yesterday. lovely as always <3
we had an apartment in a hotel at kensington gardens squere and the maneger was one of the most upbeat and lovely men I ever met.

there is so much to tell and so many pictures to post
but that probably has to wait some days since I have to buy food and unpack etc first

so I#ll leave you with this puri for now <3

Moving in on the 14th

Isn't Valentines day a nice date to move into your new home?

I barely have any furnishing at all yet
neither did I pack any boxes yet...

My bf's sister is taking me to ikea tomorrow so we can get a mirror and some decoration to make it a bit less empty and cold

someday (soon) there will be a huge b/w photo of a city by night on the wall and a metal red shoe cabinet as well as metal hooks nearby..

freshly painted!

(no subject)

hotel bathroom


I'm in Stockholm until the 6th♥
(while my boy is skiing in italy)

when I'm back - I'll move!!

yesterday I was the smartest of the smart and tried the doorchain of my flat
it made CLICK

and I successfully locked myself and Frank in.


Thanks to everyone who thought about my birthday on monday ♥

I'll probably move in in 3 weeks!!

winter impressions

so much lovely snoooow ♥
I hope it stays like this until the 18th (my birthday)!!!

Saturday I wrote my French exam,
until tomorrow I still need to finish 7 drawings .. it's impossible!!
thursday I have to write biology
and wednesday German


Happy (belated) New Year!!
as you can guess by my late entry
my new years eve was long and exhausting haha

after we finally crawled out of bed yesterday my bf&i made cookiesssss
(he didnt really want to but.. puppy eyes win always!!)



do sport!
finally get my motorcycle license!!!!
&dont be so lazy anymore...

tmr school starts again
and I have 5 exams in 2 weeks
7 paintings to finish for my art class until the 11th
and my birthday is on the 18th
I'll go to Iceland around the 23rd for the weekend with my dad (he has buisniss there)
aaand go to Stockholm at the end of january

dear mister postman; you saved my xmas ♥
the parcel with my bfs gift arrived an hour ago ♥ ♥ ♥
so I quickly wrapped it and TADA

the black ribbon is made out of elatic bandages so its a present in itself as well haha * 3*)/

f#####g xmas
 I hate xmas.
Especially this year
since my parents broke up my dad is whining all the time and fussing around my mom
he bought her a ton of presents and i have to nicely wrap them all ...
he still has to get mine though

my parcel still isn't here
i called the german post on monday they said it arrived from america just this morning and customs will take 3 days
buuut since i'm so nice they'll call them to get it out faster
it got out today and is on the way to me
but they couldn't promise it''ll arrive until the 24th otherwise i have to wait until next monday...

USPS sucks!!!
shipping should take 5 till 14 days
it arrived in frankfurt on the 17th day!!

on the left you can see what I'll give my mom:
a Pandora bead and spices for indian chai which she loves

iphone picture dump
 cause pictures are better then words
newest -> oldest

this morning -11° C <3

MARC hugging my bag rehearsal room / tannis 21th birthday

on the way to my bf

Caramia on my bed


a C?!

big mirror for my bf tank god it didn't rain haha

butterfly in my room


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