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Hug me, til you drug me honey. Kiss me, til i'm in a coma.

「drowning in my sleep」
18 January

■誕生日: 1月18日
■血液型: O- 型

■YES: Art, Travelling, Fashion, Music, Winter, Coffe&Sweets, etc.

■NO: Heat, Narrow-minded&stupid people, Tokyos trains during rush-hour, Bananas, etc.

■好みのブランド: Vivienne Westwood | Comme des Garçons | HN+nois | DARK RED RUM | SEXPOT ReVeNGe | h.ANARCHY | NAOTO SEVEN | Chrome Hearts | ROYAL DISORDER | & m o r e 。。。

My journal is FRIENDS ONLY because I'm sick of people who have nothing better to do then creating drama over nothing so comment here to be considered☆
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